Worked from home.

Had band practice at Meg’s. Lexie came to hang out. :-)


Went to work. Got a temporary laptop.

Went home. Watched some True Detective.

Brought Lexie some chicken and we hung out.


Went to work.

My laptop died so I got to go home early.

Went to Ellen’s birthday thing. Gave her mother a CD.


Breakfast with Lexie, then she had to go to work.

Watched movies and stuff.


Lexie went to work.

I don’t remember what I did.

After she got off we went to Olympia to see some bats at Evergreen’s organic farm house, and we got to see Taisha’s dachshund skeleton.

Went home and ate pizza and drank beer. 

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Worked from home.

Cooked chicken marsala for Lexie. :-)



The Mike Eagle show: “Whats the Best Sandwich?” w/ Alpha MC, Intuition, and VerBS (by M. Eagle)

in january of 2014 this thing happened called the Mike Eagle show.

it was a mixture of live music and comedy inspired by variety events like the WITS show and the Paul F. Tompkins show

it featured rapper Quelle Chris, comedians Baron Vaughn and DC Pierson, and writer Jeff Weiss

At the time I was so nervous about it that I could barely sleep. I had dreams of falling stage lights and disappearing pants.

It went really well tho. So well in fact that I seriously considered NEVER EVER DOING IT AGAIN

But the good people at the Mint wanted it to happen again and many of the party goers did as well and it appears that im easily swayed by public opinion.

Thursday May 1 its going down again

This time its a live listening party for my new album Dark Comedy

It will feature the super talented producer/songwriter Toy Light and the incredible rapper/comic Zach Sherwin with many more guests to be announced :)

tickets available here:



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